Kate is back for what?

Of course for rugby~  動畫快遞 i was away my rugby team for the surgery for aboout 8 weeks,and now i am back~

Today the weather was nice and i went to Bailin to practice touch with Shebabs, coz we will have a big game on 11/29 next week~

I hope we can win~ 紅玫瑰


we are Shebabs~



After the praceice this noon, Martin and me went to 淡水, it is a place that Martin and me wanted to go for a thousand times but we didnt, finally, this noon after my practice...we went to 淡水~ 棕櫚樹小島棕櫚樹小島棕櫚樹小島

Awesome~ the food is nice and the weather wasnt too cold~ its my sweet Saturday!!


Yummy~  披薩                      Kate & Martin~ 紅心

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